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End-to-end secure payment

processing gateway

A single integration to access the widest range of most popular local payment methods in emerging markets all over the world

Years of Experience

About Us

Think Globally Act Locally

RizonPay is a fast-growing multinational fintech company. Through a single integration, merchants can seamlessly access the widest range of popular local payment methods in various regions.

Our philosophy is “Think Globally Act Locally”, therefore through one integration setup you’ll have several regions covered, but always via local acquirers.

Our goal is to support online merchants who want to expand their business activity to emerging markets and developing regions worldwide. To do this, we offer our innovative payment gateway, combined with extensive experience working directly with industry‑leading clients and a narrow circle of trusted partners locally and globally.

We have a solid network of international clients, and major local and global companies trust us with their funds.


Products & Solutions

All-in-one payment gateway

Risk measurements are taken to ensure long-term guarantees and security of funds. Today, we enable various Card Acquiring solutions along with Alternative Payment Methods, such as acquiring banks, PSPs, local providers, e-wallets, and more worldwide. This all-in-one channel allows our merchants to accept online payments on a global scale, broadening and enriching their local presence

Secure payment processing

Our platform is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, and we operate fully in-house anti-fraud

Global network

Currently, our network of acquiring partners covers CIS area Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Canada and more

Solid payment experience

With a strong background in acquiring, banking and alternative payment methods, online fraud and risk management, as well as local and cross-border settlements, we cover the entire value chain and meet the requirements of our merchants

Convenience of payments​

More than 150 payment solution


Building a local financial infrastructure

We always rely on fully local setups


Our international experts, with 10+ years of proven industry experience, work alongside top IT professionals to refine our products and meet our clients’ needs

Expertise & Competency

We have been working with international markets for years, and have faced all the common and uncommon pitfalls they conceal. We are glad to share the experience and help our merchants to find less risky scenarios to operate locally

Individual approach to the merchant’s needs

We customize our commercial offer and services to meet the needs of each merchant separately. This includes but is not limited to volumes, channels, referrals, limits, etc. We also offer side services to ensure full coverage of needs, tailored individually for every merchant

Approval Ratio Boost

Improved check-out flow is optimized to convert end users and omit unnecessary information, and designed to generate optimal results

Full individual cascading

Our gateway not only offers payment methods, but also creates an optimal financial routing from an economic and risk management perspective

Trusted relationships

We don’t just offer the same solutions and providers you can find anywhere else. Instead, we work with a narrow circle of trusted partners, who have already demonstrated their ability to support a full payment flow cycle, both locally and cross-border

International remittance

We support major fiat and crypto currencies, both in‑house and through credible partners, which allows us to support various fund destinations across jurisdictions


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